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I am a digital art trader, collector and investor in the blockchain  industry. Managing a personal portfolio of over 300 projects across the NFT space.

I have been early in projects like Bored Apes By Yuga Labs, Art Blocks, Pudgies, World of women, GM DAO etc right at around the time when the NFT space became the center of discussion in the web3 space.

I am the ex - Head of Product/Co-founder at Arts DAO, i have also advised and consulted on projects across the space, having being in the trenches of what Character IP's are and their value even before the NFT space, to understanding the postives and limitations of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO's), to understanding the significance and importance of a commnity driven model in the next phase of the internet - Web3.

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The evolution from web2 to web3 requires a meticulous understanding of the fundamentals to break them down and build them up the right way, as its a distribution of power and hence should have merit in doing so to provide value to the businesses and the people so as to empower a permisionless world.

My focus is to make sure we understand the nuances of native web3 projects and those that will  transition form the tradtional world, and share that information with the world through keynotes, discussions, content creation and education

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